Mörk Gryning: Mörk Gryning

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Mörk Gryning: Mörk GryningCD, Black Lodge 2005

Track list: Lazarus Rising - Ingen dyrkan - The Sun - Into Oblivion - The Aurora - Pure - All Discarded - Disguise My Parting - Neverwhere (At the Gates cover)

Swedish black metallers Mörk Gryning called it quits after the band leader Goth Gorgon didn't want to continue. However, the pressure from their fans got the band into a studio one more time. The result is here, a glorious swan song. Mörk Gryning is one of the better black metal albums recently, with killer tracks like Ingen dyrkan and The Aurora. Definitely worth checking out for anybody into black metal. *****

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