Solgrav: Auringon hauta

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Solgrav: Auringon hautaCD, Nocturnal Woodlands Productions 2005

Track list: Synnyn liekki - Maa aamunsa kajossa - Noitakansa - Hetki ennen - Auringon hauta - Hourejumala - Lopun alku - Kuolleen Maan lapsia - Kuun varjossa kuollut Maa

Finnish folk-inspired pagan black metal, sounds original... Solgrav does a pretty good job, actually - they have enough spirit and even sense of humour, and that's what folk metal often needs in my opinion. However, Auringon hauta falls short on the production, as the album sounds like a demo: guitars and drums are too weak. Even if the band calls their music forest metal, it doesn't have to sound like it was recorded in a forest. **

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Goran said:

Very good album with some very
good parts!
They need only better production!

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