Loits: Ei Kahetse Midagi

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Loits: Ei Kahetse MidagiCD, Nailboard Records 2005

Track list: Tulisilma sünd - Sinimäed 1944 - Tõelised kuningad - Valge nägu - Hauast aupaistesse - Kolmjalg - Veri - Sinu mees, sinu vend, sinu poeg - Tõelised kuningad (early version) - Valge nägu (live)

This Estonian metal album has seen the light day years ago and has since been released several times. This CD release by Nailboard Records, digging the vaults of Estonian metal, is the latest and greatest. This one hasn't been rerecorded, but it has been digitally remastered. The result sounds good and is quite convincing. At best (Tõelised kuningad, for example), Loits performs rather impressive black metal. Most of the album, however, is ok, but nothing spectacular. ***

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