Salem: Strings Attached

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Salem: Strings AttachedCD, Holy Records 2005

Track list: A Moment of Silence - Anno Domini - Coming End of Reason - Dying Embers - Winter's Tear - Ha'ayara Bo'eret - Eyes to Match a Soul - Slave - Old Wounds - Hourglass - The Fading - Recall - Old Wounds (Guest Vocalists Version) - The 2nd Coming (Alternate Version)

Old Israeli metal group has joined forces with the string quartet ICSQ and a classical choir. Their collaboration is so intense that Salem's own metal sound has been pushed far back. Grunts, distorted guitars and blastbeats are there, but so are strings and choir vocals. Which is nice, as that's definitely the better part of this album. I particularly enjoyed the classical intermission Slave (reminds me of Balanescu Quartet) and the old Hebrew song Ha'ayara Bo'eret. Surprisingly pop Winter's Tear is one of the highlights as well. ***

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