My Ruin: The Brutal Language

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My Ruin: The Brutal LanguageCD, Undergroove / SPD 2005

Track list: Nature Boy - Silverlake 6571 - The Devil Walks - Spilling Open - Cold Hands, Warm Heart - Metamorphosis - Summer Of Hell - Vince Vaughn - Imitation Of Christ - Touch Me I'm Sick

This is the second My Ruin album I've heard (Speak & Destroy being the first), and I hear nothing much has changed. Maybe the sound is a bit more muddy and low, but Tairrie B's wicked vocals stay as they were. That's definitely the best part in My Ruin's music. It also sounds pretty good, if you crank up the volume enough. However, I found the songwriting fairly boring. It just doesn't click. Nice, but nothing more. **

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