Dark Sanctuary: Exaudi Vocem Mean - part 1

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Dark Sanctuary: Exaudi Vocem Mean - part 1CD, Wounded Love Records 2005

Track list: Ouverture - Elle et l'aube - Dein kalter Stein - Memento Mei - The Garden of Jane Delawney - Cristal - Mon errance... - A mes ennemis - Sortie du cloƮtre - Des illusions - Je m'en irai

Modern classical music, ethereal French female vocals, darkish atmosphere - that's going to result in something that's either boring or beautiful. In this case beautiful is definitely the word. Recommended for people looking for something to set the mood. I particularly enjoy the building crescendo in Elle et l'aube (which reminds me of Godspeed You Black Emperor, for some reason). Great work, I'm waiting for part 2. ****

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