Naio Ssaion: Out Loud

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Naio Ssaion: Out LoudCD, Napalm Records 2005

Track list: Static - The Mirror - Teen - Miss You - Bow Link in E Minor - N.SS - Shut Up - Blah-Blah - Blind Date - Can't You Hear - At Ease - Yours Faithfully - Out of the Great Book of Fairytales

Naio Ssaion hails from Slovenia and plays rather catchy pop metal. They're already quite big in Slovenia and if I they get enough marketing power behind them, they might take over Europe. All the elements are there: catchy pop metal (kind of like Evanescense) with a strong female vocalist and a violinist to give flavour. The songs are pretty good, all they need is more drama for the vocalist, somewhat better production and few killer songs, and that's it. Well done. ***

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