Belenos: Chants de Bataille

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Belenos: Chants de BatailleCD, Adipocere Records 2006

Track list: Ode - L'ombre du chaos - Chemin de brume - Vers la victoire - Prélude guerrier - Colère de feu - Galv ar brezel - Fureur Celtique - Galian da viken - Chant de bataille - P.m.q.f. - Sacrifies - An enor salv - Funerailles

Quality black metal from France, how refreshing! Drawing from Celtic spirit, Belenos is a French group hailing from Brittany. Their elegant black metal sounds pleasant in my ears. Don't know why - it's not exactly unique, but somehow the whole mixture of influences comes together just right. Chants de bataille is one of the better black metal albums recently. ****

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