Catacombs: In the Depths of R'lyeh

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Catacombs: In the Depths of R'lyehCD, Moribund Records 2006

Track list: In the Depths of R'lyeh - Dead Dripping City - At the Edge of the Abyss - Where No Light Hath Shone - Fallen into Shadow - Awakening of the World's Doom

Xathagorra Mlandroth is the man behind this new extreme doom metal band. Extreme is indeed a good word for this album, since I reckon most people - even those who enjoy metal in general - will probably find In the Depths of R'lyeh unlistenable. Long songs featuring slow, crawling beats, wailing guitars and an ominous low grumble for vocals aren't for everybody. Those who fancy that sort of thing will enjoy In the Depths of R'lyeh immensely; for others, this has nothing to offer. ****

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