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I played few games of Einfach Genial at BSW today. Once again I was playing against a true pro: this guy had almost 1600 games played with an 81% wins. Even if most of his games were two-player, it's still very respectable percentage.

But, guess what! I managed to win him once! I did lose twice, but both games (well, all three games) were very close. Two were resolved by second-weakest color and in the last one, which was a bit of a disaster, he won by one point. Not bad! I thought I played a pretty good game, but I guess this also tells something of the learning curve in the game: 1600 games doesn't mean an absolute superiority over 24 games.


Naturelich said:

The title of this entry is just too good. I wish I had thought of that earlier. ;)

Congrats on beating the ├╝ber-spielers! :D

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