Ajattara: Kuolema

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Ajattara: KuolemaCD, Spikefarm 2003

Track list: Antakaa elää - Surman henki - Haureus - Huoran alla - Ikiyössä - Musta leski - Sielun särkijä - Kituvan kiitos - Helvetissä on syntisen taivas - Rauhassa

It took me a while to get Ajattara's second album, even though I enjoyed the first one a lot - I have certain principles when it comes to copy controlled cd's. Ripping the mp3's took, by the way, about fifteen seconds. Anyway, Ajattara keeps on pounding their blackish metal, pretty much like before. Their greatest strength is in the Finnish lyrics, which use the means of old Finnish poetry. Quite unique and very effective. Their greatest weakness, in the other hand, is monotony. Kuolema sounds just like Itse and can be equally boring in long quantities. Thus, less stars than before: Kuolema is good, but brings little new to fans of Itse. ****

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