Maj Karma: Sodankylä

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Maj Karma: SodankyläCD, Johanna kustannus 2004

Track list: Avaus - Pohjola - Kyynel - Sodankylä - Pää - Kello 18:00 - Sarvia ja hampaita - Pakko - Katala kamara - Turpaan vaan - Aaverakastajat

After hearing the first single "Kyynel" the new Maj Karma album was a must-buy. Unfortunately the rest of the album isn't nearly as good as the one killer hit, but perhaps it'll grow on me. Wouldn't be the first time that happens with a Maj Karma album. They're still amongst the best Finnish rock bands, there's no doubt about that. ****

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ukko said:

ekan sinkkulohkaisun musavideo oli ainakin pirun hienosti ohjattu&kuvattu. kuka lie videon ohjannut?

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