Glittertind: Evige Asatro

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Glittertind: Evige AsatroCD, Karmageddon Media 2004

Track list: Lindisfarne 793 - Karl den Store - Sønner av Norge - En stille morgen 1349 - Fjellheimen gir meg fred - Olav Digre - Nordmannen - Frostriket - Evige Asatro - Se Norges blomsterdal - Om kvelden når det mørkner - Skumring - Norges Skaal

Storm created a classic almost ten years ago with their album Nordavind. Norwegian national romantic music, traditional and traditionally influenced songs with metal sound. Glittertind aka Torbjorn Sandvik follows in their footsteps. His sound is more punk than metal, but it's pretty much the same thing - they even share a song: Glittertind's Nordmannen is Storm's Mellom bakkar og berg. I prefer Storm, but anybody with an interest into Norway and folk metal or punk should enjoy this one. ***

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