Potentia Animi: Das erste Gebet

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Potentia Animi: Das erste GebetCD, Staupa Musica 2005

Track list: Del Amina - Domina - Nachtfrass - Bruder Titus - Gloria - Gaudete - Me Novarem - Herrscher - Bruder Huhn - Schattentanz - Ballde von den 3 Suendern - 3 hodiger Esel - Repeat - Domina 2

Latin vocals, church-like chanting, bag pipes - it's medieval times again. Potentia Animi clicks into the medieval bag pipe scene, but has quite a little metal influences (unlike, say, In Extremo). There's some personal touch involved, especially with the vocals, which are quite neat. The best tracks are layed on the beginning of the album - the first five tracks are the best. The rest is not quite the same, but worth listening to anyway. For the fans of the genre, this is a very good album. ****

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Reino said:

Hello, if u have this album, maybe you can copy me the lyrics of "Gaudete". It is a one hell of a funny song :)

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