Dornenreich: Hexenwind

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Dornenreich: HexenwindCD, Prophecy Productions 2005

Track list:Von der Quelle - Der Hexe flammend' blick - Der Hexe nächtlich' ritt - Aus längst verhalltem Lied - Zu Träumen wecke sich, wer kann

Dornenreich paints a dark and sleepy portrait. The mists surround the music, which is based on monotony of a single riff for each song and flourishes from acoustic guitar. Lone voice whisper German words on fantasy and magic. it's a world of mystery and as such, an interesting piece of art. Appreciating Hexenwind takes patience and a quiet moment. It's not my world, but a beautiful world nonetheless. ****

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Regenspaziergang said:

This album might have been a good debut for some new goth metal band, but it's a disappointing album for Dornenreich. The old works with Moritz Neuner on drums were absolutely awesome, not lacking some progressive elements but still the music was a no. 1 piece of dreamy, atmospheric gothic black metal. (for raw black metal fans, the first album Nicht um zu Sterben is especially interesting!!)
Now that Moritz Neuner (aka Gilvan / Dragomir) is gone, the music is boring.
Get another album to get in touch with Dornenreich unless you like some rather uninspired slow-mo goth metal better than black metal.
Let's see what their new album Durch den Traum brings ...

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