StormCrow: No Fear of Tomorrow

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StormCrow: No Fear Of TomorrowCD, Edgerunner Music 2005

Track list: Million Miles - Last Train of Hope - The Grievous Story of Mary Grace - Down to the River - Dr.X in Wonderland - Follow the Sign - Borderline - No Fear of Tomorrow - Chasing a Shadow - The Final Battle

StormCrow is a Swedish new-comer, with their debut album. Their style is definitely old-fashioned, speed metal with Helloween tint. That's always fun, and at it's best (Dr. X in Wonderland) they rock quite well. However, most of the tracks, while technically quite good, have a clear lack of hooks - and what is this kind of melodic metal without really good hooks? Besides, most of it sounds quite familiar anyway. Still, it's a decent debut, and I definitely wouldn't mind hearing their next album. ***

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