Nebular Mystic: Necrotic

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Nebular Mystic: NecroticCD, Karmageddon Media 2005

Track list: Intro - Legions - Serpent - Suspended in Chains - Necrotic - Kingdom of Death - Seeds of Suffering - Children of Black Hearts - Forradt

Nebular Mystic scored a recording deal with their fifth demo. Karmageddon Media decided to publish the demo as it was. No wonder, as it sounds totally ready. Necrotic is certainly not demo-quality. The tracks are a bit similar and there's more Satyricon and other influences here than necessary, but I don't really care. It might be the same old same old, but it's all done really well and the music sounds really, really good (it took me a while to get used to the sharp, high guitar sound, but it was worth it). Not best of the best, but very good, nonetheless. ****

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