Tharaphita: Primeval Force

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Tharaphita: Primeval ForceCD, Nailboard Records 2005

Track list: Sorceress - Primeval Force - Throne of Bones - 10 000 eestlast - Tongue of Flame - Passing into Anguish - Destroyer of Soul - Manalateekond

Estonian Tharaphita has published just two albums during their 10-year career. Their second album gets wider release through young and vital Nailboard Records; unfortunately the band drops singing in Estonian in favour of English. That's a pity. Tharaphita's pagan heavy metal sound pretty good to me - I like the vocals and it sounds technically good. However, the song material just doesn't click. There are few better tracks, but the rest is just mediocre. Nice try, though. **

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