Mystic Circle: The Bloody Path of God

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Mystic Circle: The Bloody Path of GodCD, Dockyard 1 2006

Track list: Psalm of the End - The Bloody Path of God - Doomsday Prophecy - Nine Plagues of Egypt - The Grim Reaper - Riders of the Apocalypse - Hellborn - Church of Sacrifice - The Forgotten - Unholy Terror - Memento Mori - Circle of the Tyrants

What's up with metal bands and religion? If they really hate religion so much, why the love affair with the religious imagery? The Bloody Path of God, for example, is a very religious album, with just about every song drawing inspiration from god and church. How boring is that? The music's not superb, either. Mystic Circle has moved from black metal to death metal, practically removing most black metal influences from their music (the song Unholy Terror is an exception). The result is, frankly, fairly boring. **

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