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The Shadowsphere: Es lässt sich nicht spielenCD-R, Goat Perversion 2003

Track list: Little Phantom - Pain - A Fable - Autumn

The Shadowsphere is a Finnish goth rock band and this is their first demo. They were kind enough to send a copy to me for a review. I think Shadowsphere is promising, but needs some work. Their music is rather faithful to the genre cliches and there needs to be well done to stand out. Currently that is not the case. The biggest problem right now is the vocals. They are sung very low and it doesn't sound good. It sounds a bit forced, and the muddy sound of the album doesn't make it better. With better vocals this would be much better already. Then just better songs and Shadowsphere would be ready to hit the goth scene. *** (on a demo scale)

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