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Moonsorrow: Tulimyrsky EP

CD, Spikefarm Records

Track list: Tulimyrsky - For Whom The Bell Tolls - Taistelu Pohjolasta - Hvergelmir - Back To North

You can trust Moonsorrow to be epic! Their idea of a mini-cd is 68 minutes long. The title track lasts for whopping 29 minutes and it kicks ass the whole time. It's a story, narrated by a Finnish actor Turkka Mastomäki, and consists of several parts that vary from mellow and atmospheric to very fierce beating - as you can expect from Moonsorrow.

I really like what Moonsorrow has done with their last few albums and this MCD is no exception. The title track is excellent, furious stuff with excellent production: not too clean, not too rough. The cover songs - For Whom the Bell Tolls from Metallica, Back to North from Merciless - are well done, as are the older, previously unreleased demo-era songs. Great stuff. ****

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