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Einstürzende Neubauten: Alles wieder Offen

Track list: Die Wellen - Nagorny Karabach - Weilweilweil - Ich hatte ein Wort - Von wegen - Let's do it a Dada! - Alles wieder offen - Unvollständigkeit - Susej - Ich warte

Einstürzende Neubauten continues making great noise. Like Perpetuum Mobile, Alles wieder offen is a calm, subtle album, full of beautiful little touches, occasional storms and curious sounds. It all sounds very mature and elegant.

There are good tracks, too. From the first rounds, I've picked up Nagorny Karabach and Weilweilweil, but I'd say the album is overall quite balanced and good. No standout hits that would challenge the likes of Die Befindlichkeit des Landes or Die Interimsliebende, but a balanced, beautiful album that is perhaps more than the sum of its individual tracks. ****

Indica: Kadonnut puutarha

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Indica: Kadonnut puutarha

CD, Sony BMG 2007

Track list: Viimeinen jyvä - Linnansa vanki - Ikävänkantaja - Ulkona - Nukkuu kedolla - Noita - Pahan tarha - Äänet - Mykkä - Unten laiva - Helmet

After seeing Indica perform support for Nightwish, I quickly checked out their discography from library. Of the three albums they've made, this, the third one, is clearly the best. All have hits, but this one's a solid flow of one good song after the other. Viimeinen jyvä, Linnansa vanki, Ulkona, Nukkuu kedolla, Noita, Pahan tarha - pure gold!

I find Indica's brand of poprock rather pleasant: catchy tunes, enough mysticism and romance and quite a bit of personality. The vocalist, violinist and songwriter Jonsu is a gifted individual and here to stay, I'd say. Her voice is personal, by which I mean some love it and some hate it and few will be left cold - I do like it a lot. What an excellent album. ****

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