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Waits, Tom: Bone Machine

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Tom Waits: Bone MachineCD, Island Records 1992

Track list: Earth Died Screaming - Dirtin the Ground - Such a Scream - All Stripped Down - Who Are You - The Ocean Doesn't Want Me - Jesus Gonna Be Here - A Little Rain - In the Colosseum - Goin' Out West - Murder in the Red Barn - Black Wings - Whistle Down the Wind - I Don't Wanna Grow Up - Let Me Get Up On It - That Feel

On Bone Machine, Tom Waits sounds very much like he usually does. No surprises, really - some tracks go "klink-klank-boom", some are slower and sadder and the rest are done in plain blues format. Whatever the song sounds like, Tom Waits sings in his usual style. Which I like, therefore I like the album as much as any other Tom Waits album. If you don't like Tom Waits, this album is probably not going to change your mind. ****

Mannhai: Evil Under the Sun

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Mannhai: Evil Under the SunCD, Ranch 2002

Track list: Laugh Like Insane - Sweat of Love - Between - Standing on this Cliff - More than Enough - Spiritraiser - Evil Under the Sun - Dead Statue - Colourful Dusk - Under Your Thumb - Spiritraiser (video)

I missed their debut album, even though I was interested in it after reading the reviews. This time I went for it, and put Evil Under the Sun on my Christmas wish list. I got it, and I'm glad to hear it's just about exactly what I was waiting for. Mannhai has all I need: guitars buzzing low and mean, thick groove and rock'n'roll touch. Stoner rock is the appropriate label for this kind of music, I suppose. Anyway, Evil Under the Sun is an excellent album in it's genre. ****

Magyar Posse: We Will Carry You Over the MountainsCD, Verdura 2002

Track list: Sleepwalker - Witchcraft - Singlesparks Are Spectral Fires - Pacific Ocean / Death in the Desert - - Enemy Within - The Endless Cycle of Violence - Lufthan

I heard Magyar Posse live in the Aisti festivals and loved them. So, of course I bought their debut album when it came out. And I like them still! The closest comparison I can come up with is to Godspeed You Black Emperor. Style is the same, instrumental music with some soundtrack quality in it. There are similar crescendo structures, too. There are beautiful melodies ("Singlesparks..." being perhaps the best example) and good rhythm. It's a very good album - only really negative side being the stupid name of the band. ****

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