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HateSphere: The Sickness WithinCD, SPV/Steamhammer 2005

Track list: The White Fever - The Fallen Shall Rise in a River of Blood - Reaper of Life - Sickness Within - Murderous Intent - The Coming of Chaos - Bleed to Death - Heaven is Ready to Fall - Seeds of Shame - Chamber Master - Marked by Darkness

Danish thrashers HateSphere are back with a new album. Thrash fans should envoy these quite groovy tracks, with plenty of aggression to share. The Sickness Within is certainly decent, with enough speed and power, but I'm not sure it'll leave an lasting impression. Thrash fans, check this out. ***

Absolute Steel: WomaniZer

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Absolute Steel: WomaniZerCD, Black Lotus 2005

Track list: High Heels And Fishnet Stockings - Beerrun - Kick - Rough Love (Tender Heart) - Deeper - Juicy Lucy - Too Slow Above - Deliverance - Opus Suite

These Norwegians aren't too serious about music. Absolute Steel is a party metal band - their flavour of heavy metal is the 80's hard rock and heavy metal, lyrics full of beer and loose women. While the album does have some highlights, I still kind of wonder: who would listen to Absolute Steel, when the original 80's hard rock and heavy albums are still available? Anyway, check out Juicy Lucy: a hard rock ballad can't get any worse than that. It's so bad it's good. **

Kamara: Synti, tuomio, katumus

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Kamara: Synti, tuomio, katumusCD, Roihu 2005

Track list: Intro - Tulisade - Katuvan huuto - Kaksi askelta jäljessä - Hauras mieli - Viimeinen aamu - Äärirajoilla - Perisynnistä... - Ruoja - Riisuttu - Maansa myynyt

Kamara is a Finnish band doing their debut with Synti, tuomio, katumus (Sin, Judgment, Repentance). Their own sin is lack of originality: the band started by doing covers of Trio Niskalaukaus ja Kotiteollisuus songs, and especially Kotiteollisuus sounds strongly on the background. The lyrics are very Kotiteollisuus-like. I'd expect a bit more originality. However, at their best, Kamara sounds pretty darn good; when they are nearer death metal with their sound, it's all good. ***

Eternal, The: Sleep of Reason

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Eternal, The: Sleep of ReasonCD, Firebox 2005

Track list: Awaken, Arise - Everlasting - To Drown - A Soul Undone - Hollow Inside - In My Skin - A Dream's End - Beneath the Soil - Sleep of Reason - The Dying Light - Weight of Empathy

The Eternal points to Fransisco de Goya's art with their latest album. The name is lifted from Goya's painting ("sleep of reason creates monsters") and the beautiful cover painting by Travis Smith (man behind Opeth's album covers) is a tribute to Goya's work. Clever. The music is quite interesting, too: there's a full range from crawling doom to melodic goth rock. I like the doomy parts best, but the rest works just fine, as well. Good work! ****

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