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Kuolleet intiaanit: Ne tekevät sitä itsekseen -EPCD, Riemu 2004

Track list: Maalaan kasvoni - Kuolleita kuin kuu - Ja matkaliput olkaa hyvä - Asioita toimittelin - Olet surrealisti, eikö niin...

Kuolleet intiaanit is an artistic alternative rock band. However, their artistic style is mostly present in the vocalists annoying singing style. Even though the music itself isn't bad, the vocalist makes it rather difficult to enjoy. At his best, the vocalist copies the style of YUP's Jarkko Martikainen and I'd rather listen to him, really. Unimpressive - and what's the bloody point at having several minutes of telephone busy signal in the end of the album? **

Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus: Hyvä ihminenCDs, King Foo 2004

Track list: Hyvä ihminen - Samarialainen

New Trio Niskalaukaus single sounds good. I've read it really doesn't represent the forthcoming album that well, but we'll see. I like this song, and the bonus track (a Candlemass cover) is certainly interesting. ****

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