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Liekki: Rajan piirsin taa

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Liekki: Rajan piirsin taaCD, Universal 2005

Track list: Lilja - Valeria - Tuomitun tie - Päijänne - Tytöt / Kadut / Paluu - Veljet - Rannalla - Vanha puu - Rintama - Jäljet - Saarelaiset - Sinun luona kerran - Lahja - Ero - Rajan piirsin taa

Liekki didn't do a double album, but they did a long one: 15 tracks, 67 minutes. I'm pleased - I got into Liekki with Korppi and Rajan piirsin taa is sufficiently similar, while still an indication of progress. There's some heavier touch (70's heavy metal, kind of), but most of it is the same old-fashioned pop I've grown to enjoy. Good work from Liekki. ****

Sturmgeist: Meister Mephisto

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Sturmgeist: Meister MephistoCD, Season of Mist 2005

Track list: Ragnarok - Shock & Awe - Erlkönig - Army of Odin (Hafrsfjord) - Master Hunter - Rattenfänger - Grimmer than Ugly - Walpurgisnacht

Sturmgeist is a side project of Cornelius Jackhelln of Solefald. He's gone all Germanic with this Goethe-inspired theme album. Meister Mephisto promises to be a hardcore party soundtrack, but fails to deliver. It's a pity, because the best songs would indeed work that way. In the end the result is somewhat pointless and probably won't receive much playtime from me. **

Communic: Conspiracy in Mind

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Communic: Conspiracy in MindCD, Nuclear Blast 2005

Track list: Conspiracy in Mind - History Reversed - They Feed on Our Fear - Communication Sublime - The Distance - Ocean Bed - Silence Surrounds

Norwegian trio Communic is formed on the ruins of Ingermanland. Their style is kind of progressive metal, with lots of influences elsewhere - there's a healthy dose of power metal, for example. For some reason I don't quite like it. Conspiracy in Mind is a decent album, but nothing more. The vocalist is one part of it - his style isn't into my liking. ***

Moonsorrow: Verisäkeet

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Moonsorrow: VerisäkeetCD, Spikefarm 2005

Track list: Karhunkynsi - Haaska - Pimeä - Jotunheim - Kaiku

Moonsorrow has gone wild with their tracks. The three opening tracks of this album all clock in over 14 minutes and Jotunheim - the home of the giants, you know - weighs in at 19 and half minutes! The five tracks total over 70 minutes of epic metal music. That's all good and well and fortunately the long tracks are built of several parts. Verisäkeet is rather impressive album. Will it beat Kivenkantaja as my favourite Moonsorrow album is another thing, but at least at this point I'm really satisfied with the album. ****

Midnattsol: Where Twilight Dwells

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Midnattsol: Where Twilight DwellsCD, Napalm Records 2004

Track list: Another Return - Lament - Unpayable Silence - Haunted - Desolation - Enlightenment - Tårefall - Infinite Fairytale - På Leting - Dancing with the Mignight Sun - Tapt Av Håp

Midnattsol relies on the trusty combo of heavy metal and beautiful female vocals. The vocalist isn't just anybody: Carmen Elise is the sister of Liv Kristine Espenaes, famous from Theatre of Tragedy. The beautiful voice is in the family. The highlight of this album is with no doubt Tapt Av Håp, which is actually Solveig's Song from Grieg's Peer Gynt. It's a very beautiful song and it's really well done here. Excellent. ****

Airged L'amh: The Silver Arm

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Airged L'amh: The Silver ArmCD, Black Lotus 2004

Track list: Intro / Guardian of the Ancient Deeds - Fate of the King - Dissention Seeds - Warp Spasm - Mourning Grief - The Silver Arm - Balor of the Evil Eye - The Arrival - Armies Assemble - Splendor Divine - Painless Vengeance - End Domain - Homeland

Let's see: Greek band playing epic heavy metal with a Celtic theme? What happened to the famous Greek mythologies? Why aren't Greek guys using their own folklore? Amorphis didn't stand out until they turned to Finnish folk epics. I find this a very boring decision from the band. However, the contents of the album are quite decent epic heavy metal with typical folk elements. Nothing spectacular or even unique, but it's quite well done and thus on the positive side. ***

Masterplan: Back For My Life

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Masterplan: Back For My LifeCD, AFM Records 2004

Track list: Back For My Life (single) - Crimson Rider - Love Is A Rock - Killing In Time - Killing In Time (instrumental) - Back For My Life (album)

Masterplan was formed by ex-Helloween Roland Grapow and Uli Kutsch. Jorn Lande was recruited as a vocalist, so the setting was quite promising for some good heavy metal. Back For My Life sounded a bit too soft and AOR for me, but Crimson Rider and Love Is A Rock assured me - here's some good, mature heavy metal (quite like Beyond the Gates by Cans). Buying this EP is, however, only slightly recommended, as Crimson Rider can be found on their new album, Aeronautics. Love Is A Rock and Killing In Time are the only exclusive tracks on this EP. ***

8thSin: Sinners inc.

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8thSin: Sinners inc.CD, Black Lodge 2004

Track list: Karaoke Life - Hello Japan - Sometimes & Othertimes - Trip Trap - Eastern Empress - Dreamqueen - Sex FX - Sister - Money - Sinners - The Eight Sins, part 1

8thSin's debut album is, frankly, boring. Their industrial metal lacks imagination and poer. It's all very decent and average, but could use better songs and better vocals. There are some glimpses of light all through it and some clever hooks (many of which sound like they're borrowed from somewhere, unfortunately), so maybe the second album will be better? Leave this to the stores, however. **

Muse: Absolution

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Muse: AbsolutionCD, Taste Media 2003

Track list: Intro - Apocalypse Please - Time Is Running Out - Sing for Absolution - Stockholm Syndrome - Falling Away with You - Interlude - Hysteria - Blackout - Butterflies & Hurricanes - The Small Print - Endlessly - Thoughts of a Dying Atheist - Ruled by Secrecy

Absolution was a must-buy because of it's two hit tracks, Time Is Running Out and Hysteria, both of which are absolutely masterpieces. The rest of the album is more modest, but I think there might be other gems hidden there, ready to be found with more patient listening. At least Sing for Absolution sounds pretty good already. It's good stuff, nonetheless, if you're into melancholic rock music. ****

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