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Burning Spear: Living Dub, volume twoCD, Burning Music Production 2003

Track list: Dub Don't Cry - Postman Dub - Teacher Dub - Dub Raid Dem - Dub Him - Columbus Dub - Foggy Dub - Dub Follow - Dub Is Good - Civilized Dub - Pieces of Dub - Dub Been There

I got lucky in the Creation Steppin' Internet radio CD giveaway and thus my reggae collection is started. This album is the dub version of Burning Spear's Hail H.I.M. I'm not that into dub, as I like vocals and lyrics, but thanks to the really groovy beats, this dub album works just fine for me. However, I'd sure like to get some non-dub Burning Spear albums. ***

Einstürzende Neubauten: Fünf auf der nach oben offenen RichterskalaCD, Potomak 2002 (1987)

Track list: Zestörte Zelle - Morning Dew - Ich bin's - Modimidofrsaso - 12 Städte - Keine Schönheit ohne Gefahr - Kein bestandteil sein - Adler kommt später

This new edition of the Neubauten album from 1987 is neat and well-done. The new cover art is cool and the booklet is fairly informative. Good work. The album itself is good; it's the Neubauten of its time, rough and metallic, but with more organised song structures. It's in between the early, less controlled Neubauten sound and the newer, more controlled and balanced Neubauten. It's a good place to be. ****

Viikate: Unholan urut

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Viikate: Unholan urutCD, Ranka Recordings 2005

Track list: Unholan urut - Pohjoista viljaa - Nämä herrasmiehet - Ajakaa! - Vesi jota pelkäät - Tie - Autuaat - Käki - He eivät hengitä

Viikate just keeps on picking up the pace. Their latest album is probably the best thing they've done so far, it's just so full of great tracks (Pohjoista viljaa, Ajakaa!, Tie, Autuaat to name the best). Slower songs are pretty much gone and they've focused on the faster heavy metal tracks, which is a good move, judging on this album. Must for fans, and the best way to get to know Viikate. ****

Dirty Three: She Has No Strings ApolloCD, Bella Union 2003

Track list: Alice Wading - She Has No Strings - Long Way To Go With No Punch - No Stranger Than That - Sister Let Them Try And Follow - She Lifted The Net - Rude (And Then Some Slight Return)

She Has No Strings Apollo is an interesting album. All the Dirty Three essentials can be found, but there are traces of something else, too. One thing, for example, is the track No Stranger Than That, which reminded me very much of Balanescu Quartet's Luminitza album. She Has No Strings Apollo lacks the certain immediate punch that earlier Dirty Three albums have, which makes it harder to approach. It'll take time to digest, but it'll turn out just as good. ****

Dirty Three: Whatever You Love, You AreCD, Bella Union 2000

Track list: Some Summers They Drop Like Flys - I Really Should've Gone Out Last Night - I Offered It Up To The Stars & The Night Sky - Some Things I Just Don't Want To Know - Stellar - Lullabye For Christie

From the absolutely brilliant cover art by Mick Turner to the haunting melodies, Whatever You Love, You Are is a very beautiful album. Some of the roughness of their earlier work (well, Dirty Three) is gone, but what's come up to take it's place isn't bad, at all. The intensity of the music still reaches heights and the result is a very powerful and convincing album. ****

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