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Opeth: Watershed

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Opeth: WatershedRoadrunner

Track list: Coil - Heir Apparent - The Lotus Eater - Burden - Porcelain Heart - Hessian Peel - Hex Omega - Derelict Herds - Bridge of Sighs - Den Standiga Resan

Opeth presents us another great album. Guitarist Peter Lindgren has been replaced by Fredrik Ã…kesson, but frankly, if I hadn't read that from another review, I wouldn't have noticed anything. The change has been seamless, one could say.

Not much has changed: what was good remains good. What is different is the level of 70's progressive elements. There's certainly more of that. However, worry not: Opeth is still a progressive metal band, and the death metal elements are there as well. It's just the balance has been bumped a bit towards the progressive side.

The result is impressive. There are several very good tracks, with many that will surely join the lists of favourites for many Opeth fans. *****

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